SCMC MyServices Descriptions

SCMC Access

To apply for SCMC access, go to the SIS Administrator Access Request forms.

Course Schedule

This is a list of the courses offered at UBC for a particular session.

Curriculum Management

This shows Senate approved course information and is updated by Senate and Curriculum Services. Inquiry access is available for department timetable representatives. (Java only)

Events/Room Calendar

Allows you to view the room booking calendar for rooms across campus.

Faculty Course Management

Allows authorized users to revise course title, grade type and credit value for renumbered or variable credit courses. Required by department timetable representatives. Contact Classroom Services for detailed information. (Java only)


This is used to schedule course sections, assign instructors, release seats and set restrictions. (Java only)

UBC Vancouver, please email Enrolment Scheduling Services at

UBC Okanagan, please contact Terra Kershaw at 250.807.9163.

Standard Timetabling

Allows authorized timetable department representatives to set up, review and adjust Standard Timetable records. (Java only)

Standard Timetables

This is a list of the Standard Timetables offered at UBC for a particular session.