Student Information Service Centre (SISC)

The Student Information Service Centre (SISC) is geared to faculty and staff who perform student-related administrative and advising roles on campus. Students should be accessing the the Student Service Centre.

Installing and Launching the SISC (Faculty and Staff only)

Click on the button below to launch the SISC through your CWL account:

Note: If you have more than one CWL account, please log in with the same account that you will use for the FSC.


There are various errors that you may encounter when trying to launch the SISC. Listed below are a number of common resolutions to these problems:

1. Try clearing your browser's history/cache and then restart your browser

  • To clear your cache:
  • Internet Explorer: go to the "Tools" menu in Internet Explorer and then click "Internet Options". There will be a "Delete..." button in the Browsing History section of the window. Place a check mark beside "Temporary Internet Files", "Cookies" and "History" and then click "Delete". Finally close down all instances of the browser.
  • Firefox: go to the "Tools" menu in Firefox, then click "Options" and select "Advanced". Then select the "Network" tab. Inside the Offline Storage area click the "Clear Now" button. On the top, where you had previously selected "Advanced", now select "Privacy" and click on the "clear recent history link". Next to "Time Range to Clear" select Everything. Then in the lower "Details" section make sure all the check boxes show a check mark. Then click the "Clear Now" button". Finally close down all instances of the browser.
  • Chrome: go to the Options screen by clicking the wrench icon next to the URL bar. Select "Options" then "Under the Hood" and then click the "Clear browsing data" button. From the "Obliterate the following items from:", drop down select the beginning of time. Make sure that "Clear browsing history", "Clear download history", "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" all have check marks next to them. Then select Clear browsing data. Finally close down all instances of the browser.

2. Delete Temporary Files

  • The SISC is an application that is downloaded onto your computer using Java. The downloaded files may need to be deleted and re-downloaded.
    • Windows Users: To do this, open up Settings->Control Panel and then scroll down to Java. Double click it to open. On the General tab there will be a section labelled 'Temporary Internet Files'. In this area will be a button labelled either 'Settings...' or 'Delete Files...'. (The Delete Files button may be within the Settings button depending on which version of Java you have installed.) Click the 'Delete Files...' button and click 'OK' to the subsequent pop-up confirmations. Close the open windows and attempt to launch the SISC again.
    • Mac Users: To do this, go into Applications->Utilities->Java Preferences. A pop up window will appear. Click on the Network tab. Click the button labelled 'Delete Files...'. Click 'OK' to the subsequent confirmation pop ups. Close the window then attempt to relaunch the SISC.

3. Log In again

  • When first loading the SISC on your computer, the download may take some time. In some cases, the download time will exceed the time limit of the security ticket that is assigned to your login attempt. In this situation, you will be presented with an error. Close the error window and re-launch the SISC. Since it has already been downloaded, it should launch immediately.

4. Install/Uninstall Java Versions

  • The SISC requires that you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. Visit to download and install.
  • If the same error persists, we recommend that you uninstall all prior versions of Java from your computer. Windows users can do this through Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down to the various instances, highlight and click 'Uninstall/Remove'. After all of the instances have been uninstalled, restart your computer.

5. Verify Your Access

  • If you encounter an error message that simply reads "NULL", it may be because your ID does not have the proper permissions to access the SISC. Please contact SIS Security at with your full name, CWL username and your 4 letter SISC ID (if known) to verify that you do, indeed, have access.

6. Adjust Internet Explorer Settings

  • If you are accessing this site using the Internet Explorer web browser and the SISC is not launching after entering in your CWL credentials, please try the following:
    • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options
    • Click on the Security tab
    • Click on the Custom Level button
    • Look for Downloads section; ENABLE - Automatic prompting for file downloads
    • Click OK
    • A warning box will ask you if you want to change settings for security zone - click yes
    • Click OK (Note the option of 'Do not save encrypted pages to disk' in the Advanced tab still needs to be unchecked.)
    • Attempt to launch the SISC again

If this does not work, please try launching the SISC using the Firefox web browser. It is available here

If none of these resolve the issue that you are having, please email SIS Support at with a full description of the problem including exact error messages as well as which operating system/version and web browser you are using. (Windows XP - Internet Explorer, etc)

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